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Title: The Nixies of McGillivray Lake
Author: Sheryl Doiron-Powers
Genre: YA Paranormal Dark Fantasy
Release date: September 2, 2021 in paperback and September 13, 2021 for ebook formats.

A family vacation in the remote British Columbia wilderness with no cell signal or electricity was not Alexis’ ideal Labour Day weekend. Not that she had much choice in the matter. Rather than find herself grounded, the 16-year-old resigned herself to a dull weekend alone with her parents, surrounded by nothing but trees. While her friends back home threw their back-to-school parties and had the time of their lives, she’d be forced to miss out on all the excitement and spend her last days of freedom trying not to die of boredom.

Out of her element and focused on her frustrations, it took her a moment to notice that all was not as it should be out there in the deep, dark woods. There, beneath the dock, the eyes of a fish peered out from beneath the shadows. It watched her closely, almost as if sizing her up. Her mother’s assurance that fish don’t watch people did nothing to ease her mind, and she soon became aware of other creatures that lurked in the shadowy recesses all around her.

The arrival of two other girls her own age from across the lake should have been a welcome distraction. Instead of relief, however, Alexis

Available Titles

Creatures in Canada: A Darkling Around the World Anthology by [Darkling, LVP Publications]

Creatures in Canada: A Darkling Around the World Anthology

Short story: The Stone Talismans
Genre: Horror Anthology

Lycan Valley’s graveyard host, Darkling, takes readers on a horror tour through the thirteen Provinces and Territories of Canada, each one with a different horror story from the area. This is her first tour in the Darkling Around the World Series.
Features stories by Kim Bannerman, Dirck de Lint, Sheryl Doiron-Powers, Eddie Generous, Sèphera Girón, Nancy Kilpatrick, Catherine A MacKenzie, Joe Mercer, Glenn Mori, James Pyne, Jay Seate, Brendon Strate, and Donna M West.

Mother Ghost’s Grimm Volume 2

Story: The Princess and the Pendant
Genre: Children’s Horror

Forty-two authors have brought you another creepy collection of tales, sure to keep you up at night.

In this book you will find even more terrifying tales to haunt your mind. Cemeteries, spiders, gremlins, and ghosts – everything you fear the most. Just when you thought it was safe to turn out the light, Mother Ghost’s Grimm came back for round 2 of the fright.

Read…if you DARE.

*Ages 7 & up!*

Scary Snippets: Virtual Edition by [N.M.  Brown, Grant Hinton, Kyle Harrison, Jay Levy, Chisto Healy, Micah Castle, Joshua E.  Borgmann, Shawn Klimek, Sheryl Powers, Joe Powers]

Scary Snippets: Virtual Edition
Story: Let it Snow
Genre: Horror

There are some who say that advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and there is much about the digital age we still do not understand.

Machines are evolving faster than humankind can adapt and it’s all happening amid the dark tapestry of the World Wide Web.

Take a deep dive into the heart of virtual terror alongside more than 20 horror authors as they connect you to evil artificial intelligences, haunted blogs and doomsday devices.

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